Year in Review 2012: Literature

City Pages, Jan­u­ary 2, 2013

Another shin­ing addi­tion to the local mag­a­zine mar­ket this year was Thirty Two Mag­a­zine, a new Minnesota-focused jour­nal fea­tur­ing lit­er­ary essays, art, film, fash­ion, design, and cur­rent affairs. Smart design and in-depth con­tent keeps this mag­a­zine fresh and on the top of our read­ing pile.”

What we are read­ing: Thirty Two Magazine

Hazel & Wren, Decem­ber 6, 2012

“Thirty Two Mag­a­zine is a fresh new face in the world of Min­nesotan mag­a­zines, lit­er­ary, or oth­er­wise. Thirty Two falls into that lat­ter cat­e­gory of oth­er­wise. While they include lit­er­ary essays, poems, and more, they also include inter­views, arti­cles about local fash­ion, a breed of inves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ism, con­tem­po­rary art, cur­rent affairs, and Mid­west design fea­tures, all just in their sec­ond issue. In their own words, it’s a gath­er­ing of ‘Min­nesota minds explor­ing our times.’”

Most of all, what I love is that this is a mag­a­zine about hybrid­ity; it embod­ies a sen­ti­ment of bring­ing together these sep­a­rate, diverse com­mu­ni­ties of lit­er­a­ture, art, fash­ion, film, design, and cur­rent events together under the con­tex­tual umbrella of a con­tem­po­rary Min­nesota. And let me tell you, Thirty Two, it feels good to be a Minnesotan.”

Twin Cities Books with Mary Ann Grossmann

Pio­neer Press, Octo­ber 30, 2012

Thirty Two mag­a­zine: Cur­rent affairs and cul­ture — and all on paper

Min­nPost, July 26, 2012

It is not a lit­er­ary mag­a­zine, although it includes lit­er­ary top­ics and voices, and it is not a regional mag­a­zine, although it aims to cap­ture the essence of what life here is all about. With a con­spic­u­ous lack of botox ads and restau­rant reviews, Thirty Two is unlike any other local pub­li­ca­tion — although fans of the departed Rake mag­a­zine will draw com­par­isons to that publication’s smart writ­ing and ambi­tious ideas.”

The Line: A Con­ver­sa­tion with Katie Eggers: Chron­i­cling the New Twin Cities with a Global Eye

The Line Media, March 23, 2012

German-born Katha­rina Eggers has stud­ied pol­i­tics in Paris, taught in Thai­land, and worked as a UN-EU liai­son in Brus­sels. Now this young, inter­na­tion­ally con­nected over­achiever is prepar­ing to launch a print mag­a­zine that will high­light the Twin Cities’ con­nec­tions to the nation and the world.”

The Kick­starter Chronicles

Colum­bia Jour­nal­ism Review, August 10, 2012

I’ll be hon­est: I don’t know much about Min­nesota. I’ve never been there, and for an embar­rass­ingly large part of my child­hood I thought it was called “Mini-soda” and it always made me thirsty when I heard some­one men­tion it. So I didn’t know if Thirty Two, a new bimonthly print mag­a­zine based in the Twin Cities area, was truly a wor­thy ven­ture. For­tu­nately, I was able to con­tact C.J. Sin­ner, my for­mer class­mate and Min­nesota native who is now the mul­ti­me­dia pro­ducer at St. Paul Pio­neer Press. “C.J. Sin­ner,” I asked her; “Can Min­nesota use a new mag­a­zine?” Her answer: “Yes.”

Katha­rina Eggers clearly agrees. The East German-born co-founder and edi­tor now lives in Min­neapo­lis, a place she says is full of good sto­ries wait­ing to be told—and told beau­ti­fully, if the pic­tures of the mag­a­zine on its web­site and Kick­starter cam­paign page are any indi­ca­tion. This was inten­tional, Eggers told CJR in an email: “We fig­ured, if we are on paper, we might as well go all the way and make read­ing a pleas­ant expe­ri­ence that touches more than one sense.” To that end, the mag­a­zine itself is printed on “matte, almost velvet-like paper.”

Thirty Two Mag­a­zine: Min­nesota as seen from the out­side and the inside out

Twin Cities Daily Planet, June 20, 2012

Where Eggers and crew have the supreme advan­tage over other pub­li­ca­tions is that the story is writ­ten from an outsider’s per­spec­tive. Every­one who lives here knows how great it is, but what long-lasting trans­plants (like me) can for­get, and what lif­ers here never come to know, is the amaze­ment and joy of that discovery.”

One hefty and ide­al­is­tic goal of Thirty Two is to push the cul­ture of Min­nesota out into the inter­na­tional sphere, which is some­thing that Eggers, orig­i­nally from Ger­many, is very adamant about. “We need to keep push­ing for­ward. We’re a great city but we could be even bet­ter,” she says.”

Two new addi­tions to the St. Paul lit­er­ary scene set to launch this week

Knight Arts, June 13, 2012

The start-up is enter­ing a crowded and belea­guered media land­scape, but doing so loaded for bear, with lofty aspi­ra­tions and a mast­head full of Minnesota-based con­trib­u­tors who’ve made their names in much big­ger pub­lish­ing markets.”

Hey Min­neapo­lis, we’ve got issues. 

MPLS.TV, June 23, 2012

There’s a renais­sance in pub­lish­ing hap­pen­ing here in the city, and it’s hap­pen­ing right now. […] Jour­nal­ism isn’t a “dying field,” not in this city or in any other. It’s evolv­ing, sure, but that’s what great art does as time moves for­ward.  […] Times change, but as long as there are artists, there will be peo­ple who want to con­sume that art.”